Our Story

At The Solo Candle Co we believe in sustainability, transparency, and simplicity. We began our making-journey with the goal in mind to create safer goods you can use to promote balance, wellness and joy. And we continue to do just that.

We strive to better the world around us, beginning with ourselves and our home.

That's why each handmade product is created with ingredients that come from nature. These products were made so that you can feel empowered each time you burn a candle; you chose a candle that is better for your family, and the world.

We use 100% pure soy wax blended with premium Clean Scents™ fragrance oils, candle-grade essential oils, the best wood wicks on the market. Each candle* is delicately topped with dried botanicals and ethically sourced mica for a little extra sparkle.

All of this equates to one thing:

Cleaner candles, for a happier you.

The Solo Candle Co candles and soy melts are handcrafted in sunny West Orlando, Florida. Katie Loberg (Part 1 of the company) is the creative mind. All labels and fragrance blends are curated by her, with the approval of Kyle Sobash (Part 2). Kyle is the mastermind behind each candle's wax-to-scent ratio. This is the two-person dream team, SO + LO, of The Solo Candle Co, LLC.

We are SO excited for our scents to be shared and loved by many. Candles made for you, shared by two — or more!
*excludes travel tins and tealights.