Recycling Program

A Clean Candle Should Be A Reusable Candle

Sage & Solo is a big fan of the environment, and we believe in protecting it when and where we can. This alignment in values is one small way of helping spark a bigger change. 

We currently have recycled just under 50 glass jars, but we can do better. We need your help to get your used jars re-filled and back into the wild aka new homes to be loved again. 

Do I need to clean my glass jars?

Nope! Just drop them off in all their waxxy glory. We'll do the cleaning for you, friend. 

How do I return my jars? 

We encourage you to email us ( letting us know you plan to make a drop. This ensures we know how many jars to expect, and so we are not burdening our kind-hearted drop location(s).

Do you accept used travel tins to your recycling program?

We do not. Please choose to clean and repurpose or recycle your used candle tins. Thank you for your understanding!

The following locations currently accept your used Solo Candle jars:

Our Home/Candle Studio: you are welcome to drop any day between the hours of 7:30a and 8:30p, we encourage a heads-up email so we can place a drop box on our porch.

           1009 American Beauty St
           Orlando, FL 32818

What if I can't drop at any of the above locations?

We encourage you to re-purpose your glass or tin yourself! Place it in the freezer to help remove the remaining wax, or pop it in boiling water to melt the wax. Remove the wick and wick clip and toss it. Wash out your empty jar with hot, soapy water and use the glass for whatever you wish. We recommend it in the bathroom, as a coin jar, or a plant vessel. Tag us on social media with your re-purposed vessel and we may send you a discount code!